Christine Bush Roman created 32 mixed media works on 22 x 30 inch archival paper for the Winter season. The works are constructed with acrylic paint, ink, colored pencil, graphite, fabric, and spray paint.

These paintings are a continued exploration of memory, and how memories change and shape us. When recalling a person, time or event, especially if many years have passed, I have the feeling of being half awake and reflecting on a vivid dream. I wanted these works to have that dreamlike spirit. Each piece has a landscape quality to evoke the feeling of taking a hazy journey through your mind. Dreams are like memories because there is always an element of fiction, a part of the story that our mind constructed.  And like many significant memories, my dreams often feel both profound and silly. I tried to convey those feelings through these paintings. Each one is unique and expresses a different memory.    - Christine Bush Roman

Christine Bush Roman received her Master of Fine Arts in Painting and Drawing degree from the University of Georgia in 2013. She works primarily in drawing, painting and collage, but occasionally expands into installation. While exploring themes relating to human behavior, Roman emphasizes color texture, pattern, and symbolism. Roman grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, but now enjoys living and working in Charleston.

Matthew Dietz
Ashley Harwood
Donna Cooper Hurt
Hirona Matsuda
Melinda Mead Scharstein