CSA co-founder, Erin Nathanson recently spoke with spring artist Joshua Lynn. They discussed color, art’s importance, teaching emerging artists and how it influences his artwork, and who he is creating for.


EN: When did you know you were an artist? 

JL:  I’ve been an artist as far back as I can remember, making pictures is just something I’ve always done, but I didn’t have any formal training til college.

EN: Your studio has multiple working surfaces. What are some of your “must-have” tools?

JL: I don’t really have any must have tools, one of the great things about being an artist is that you are the instrument. Having said that I find working through an idea with a variety of different media (drawing, painting, printmaking, video, etc.) helps to fully realize whatever concepts I’m exploring.

EN: How do you decide on the color combinations in your works? What is your favorite color at this moment?

JL: I love color period, so I don’t really have a favorite. I try and choose my palettes appropriately to whatever mood or tone the painting calls for.

Q: What influence does teaching have on your work?

A: I really enjoy teaching and introducing students to artists, techniques, and ideas…what’s not to like, right? But in the best way it’s made me rethink and hone these skills to teach them in the most direct and interesting way possible.

EN: As an instructor, do you feel you are giving away all of your “secrets”?

JL: All the time!!! And I love it. These aren’t “secrets” to me, this is something I enjoy doing and think about all the time and want to share and discuss.

EN: What do your students teach you?

JL: They’ve taught me that a projector can be an instructors worst enemy or best friend, what constitutes as music these days, and that when a group of open minded people gather in a room together with the hope of making something great there is nothing more thrilling.

EN: Where would your dream exhibition take place?

JL: Anywhere and everywhere.

EN: If you could live in any artist’s mind, whose would it be and why?

JL:  Hmmm. Most artists are a treasure trove of eccentricity and I have enough trouble sorting out my own mind, so I think I’ll stay put, it’s nice and cozy up there.

EN:  Why is art important for civilization?

JL: Well, I’m not positive you could even call a civilization without art a civilization, it would just be uncivilized.

EN: Whom are you creating for? What do you hope viewers take away from your art?

JL:  I make art for anyone and everyone, and I make art because visual language and visual thinking is such an immensely important part of how we understand ourselves and the world around us. It enables us to communicate and understand each other in ways that verbal language simply can’t express.


Joshua Lynn is one of the Spring Season artists.









Spring Artist, Joshua Lynn invited us into his Heriot Street studio situated in a remodeled warehouse where several artists create. Here is what we found.

Several work surfaces for sketching, painting, scraping, and more.

Books bound by the artist.

Walls adorned with works in progress, inspirational imagery and completed work.

Photos and other memorabilia for reflection.

A collection of tools and materials integral to Joshua’s studio practice inhabit boxes and surfaces throughout the studio.

And on one wall – 32 very special works in progress, but we’ll have to keep that image a secret till our Spring pick-up event!

Joshua Lynn is one of the Spring Season artists.




We asked Spring artist Joshua Lynn about what inspires him. Here is what we learned!

ARTISTS such as Gerard Richter, Robert Rauschenberg, and Ed Ruscha influence Joshua’s work. “Good art should elicit a response of “Huh? Wow!” as opposed to “Wow! Huh?” - Ed Ruscha

Images left to right: documenta 7, Gerard Richter, oil on canvas, 1982; Not a Bad World Is It?, Ed Ruscha, oil on canvas, 1984; I don’t mess around with my subconscious, Robert Rauschenberg , Booster lithograph and screen print, 1967

COMIC BOOKS also serve as visual candy for Joshua.

Bring on the Noise! PODCASTS provide background noise and dialogue to his studio practice.

MUSIC has always had influence.

“I love a variety of music. My mom’s favorites were Elvis and Buddy Holly and my dad’s were Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash, so that’s what I grew up listening to and still do. They had great taste. I also love music that requires a tetanus shot to listen to and I’ve been listening to a lot of T.Rex and Grinderman lately.” - Joshua

And of course FILM! Joshua’s favorite genre is Sci-fi created in the 70′s and 80′s such as Invasion of the Body Snatchers, Ghostbusters, 2001: a space odyssey, and more.

Joshua also finds inspiration through TEACHING EMERGING ARTISTS.

“Teaching has been a great inspiration to me. Every week I get to feed off their unbridled enthusiasm and reassess and reinvigorate my own love for art. It also gives me the opportunity to explore new ways of approaching the variety of techniques I have to offer and learning new ones.” - Joshua Lynn

And last, but not least, FAMILY holds the ultimate place as the artist’s inspiration and muse.

“Everything I do and am inspired by has in some way or another to do with my wife Kate and honoring the memory of my mom and dad and grandma. Growing up my parents owned their own contracting business where my mom drew the house plans and my dad built them. The environment I was surrounded by was one of planning, creating, and problem solving and I continue to thank them everyday for that among many other things. As for Kate, I met my wife at the bus stop around fourth grade and have been pestering her ever since. We’ve been through a lot together and she is my sounding board and respite for all things big and small.” - Joshua

Joshua Lynn is one of the Spring Season artists.