Matthew Dietz has had many experiences with art. He was raised in the small city of Columbus, Indiana. There he grew up around interesting architecture and public art, including a Henry Moore sculpture called the Large Arch. Dietz went to Herron School of Art in Indianapolis, Indiana to receive his Bachelors in fine art with concentrations in painting and printmaking.

After receiving his Bachelors degree, he worked as an instructor for the non-profit art centers ARTcolumbus in Columbus, Indiana, and Around the Coyote after he moved to Chicago, Illinois in 2004. In 2007 Dietz was accepted into the post Baccalaureate program at the Art Institute of Chicago, and after completing that program in 2008 he went to The Ohio State University in pursuit of his Masters degree in painting and drawing, which he received in 2010. He currently teaches foundation courses at Trident Technical College in Charleston, SC, where he has lived since 2011.

Christine Bush Roman
Ashley Harwood
Donna Cooper Hurt
Hirona Matsuda
Melinda Mead Scharstein