Channing created a series of two limited edition prints for Charleston Supported Art. Inspired by the cameo, the pieces are an exploration of creating a dreamlike, yet serene portraiture. An alternative printing method named Platinum Palladium was used followed by mounting the print within a decorative frame created by the artist. Channing enjoys this form of printmaking because no print is identical.

Mariah Channing is a Charleston-born photographer who is currently focusing on alternative processing. The process she currently uses is Vandyke Brown, but she will be transitioning over to Palladium after her experimenting phase is complete. The process in itself is what makes her work unique and interesting. Channing photographs figurative portraits of mysterious, serene women and creates surreal-like settings. Her imagery is printed inside a Victorian inspired cameo frame that is intended to contain the classic beauty of mystery and imagination.

Channing will graduate from the College of Charleston in the spring of 2014 with a BA in studio art, concentrating in photography and minoring in arts management.  She can be found in her studio at Redux, playing with her three cats, or in a coffee shop looking out a window, daydreaming with her cup in hand.

Olivia Cramer
Miyako Fujiwara
Fred Jamar
Jennifer Henriques Phillips
Kristi Ryba