Kate MacNeil created a pair of etchings that furthered her study of the ephemerality of dried flowers. The two prints, “Suspension I” and “Suspension II,” complement each other as set, but are intended to be viewed as separate interpretations of the concept of suspension. Each share was hand-printed with a color ink and chine-colléd with Sekishu rice paper onto a cotton paper.

Born in Asheville, NC in 1989, Kate MacNeil spent her childhood all across the US, roaming from the Rocky Mountains to the shores of California to Foster-Gloster, Rhode Island. MacNeil graduated from the College of Charleston Magna Cum Laude with a BA in Studio Art in 2011. She has been a studio renter at the Redux Contemporary Art Center since 2011 and currently works as the Printmaking Technician at the College of Charleston.

Find more of Kate’s work here.


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